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The Great Bear Almanac

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The bears of the world are among the most studied, and most loved, of all wild creatures. From the polar bear of the Arctic to the grizzlies of Yellowstone and the black bears that roam our woodlands, bears never fail to delight the amateur naturalist or fascinate the scientific observer.
Here, in a single volume, THE GREAT BEAR ALMANAC collects what is known about the world's bears, presenting in words, pictures, maps, and charts a complete factual compendium of bear knowledge.
Virtually everything known about bears is touched upon in this remarkably entertaining book. Part I, "Bears in Their World," discusses where bears are found throughout the world, with notes on population estimates and detailed maps. A full section on anatomy and physiology discusses distinguishing features among bear species, details on the skull, teeth, claws and other bear parts, how well bears hear and see, and much more. Another section investigates hibernation, intelligence, feeding, play, and other behavioral traits.
Part II, "Bears in the Human World," examines the wide range of ways in which bears and human beings intersect: bears in myth and religion, in art, literature, and film, and above all, in real life - bear attacks, human encroachment on bear habitat, governmental regulations on bears, trafficking in bear parts by poachers, a summary of current bear research, and much more. A concluding chapter looks at future prospects for the bears of the world, and offers guidelines for how all those who admire bears can help protect these great and majestic creatures.

Gary Brown
July 1, 1993
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