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About Us

Mission Statement


We are residents of bear country offering education and simple solutions to coexist with the bears among us.


About Us


We are a volunteer group of people from all walks of life, willing to share our knowledge of black bears via educational information, simple solutions, and on-site visits.


All team members either live full time or part of each year in northern Minnesota. Some members have been involved in black bear research, studies, and education for more than a decade, others just live in the area and want to share their experiences and related knowledge with bears. We are here to talk to you about bears. We can share specific bear data, stories, and observations, as well as answer your questions. We want to give back to the communities we live in by sharing facts about bears and providing an environment where misconceptions can be discussed and corrected. Our goal is to enable harmonious cohabitation of humans and black bears.


People are moving into more remote areas where bears and other wildlife have existed for many years. Black bear habitat is shrinking because of this.  Many of these people come with perceptions of bears they believe to be true and most want to enjoy the outdoors, the wildlife, and a peaceful life living in the Northwoods. A wild animals’ existence often depends upon people’s attitudes and their willingness to coexist with them.


This Bear Team is here to help people learn how to coexist with black bears.

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