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Planting Potted Plants and Flowers


Living in black bear country is an amazing experience, but it can present challenges if you enjoy potted plants and flowers in your yard. You may have noticed that the curiosity factor of black bears, especially the younger ones, can be detrimental to the plants. 


After spending a lot of time observing bears, we have seen that they hone in on and “check out” anything that is different and new in their world (yes, our yards are part of their world). 

One long time Eagles Nest resident knew there had to be a peaceful resolution where she could have her flowers and still enjoy the sight of bears cruising through her yard.


After many years and many trials she figured out a workable solution.  Here it is:

Two weeks or so before you are going to plant, put out empty planters and pots where you eventually want them to be with plants in them.


In that two weeks, let the bears play with the empty planters. Since they will be the “new” and “fun” additions to your yard, it will most likely happen.

Empty garden pots in a row close up. Gardening concept.jpg
flower arrangement of burgundy petunias with black veins, white verbena and yellow calibra

Eventually, when they are no longer new and the fascination with them has worn off, they will ignore them. This is when you plant your flowers and the bears will have moved on to the next new curiosities in their world. 

Garden Hoses

There is just something about a garden hose that black bears find irresistible.  However after bear play they are less effective as a traditional hose and become more of a soaker hose.  Bear teeth easily puncture standard rubber hoses.

If you value your garden hoses stow them in a shed or garage after use.

Bear at play with a garden hose

Apr 17, 2019

Friendly Bear Becomes a Gardener 

Aug 20, 2021

Bionic Steel.jpg
Life Proof.jpg
Stainless Steel Hose.jpg

The BearTeam will be testing variations of garden hoses which, while more expensive than a traditional garden hose, may hold up to bear handling.  We'll let you know.

Send us solutions that have worked for you!

Perhaps you have found a solution that has helped you co-exist with black bears.  

Use our Contact Form to send us your ideas.

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